Tuomas Iisalo, head coach of the German Bundesliga team Crailsheim Merlins, is a guest of Basketball Immersion podcast and shares his views on the Collective in Basketball.

Basketball Immersion, Episode 92.

Some interesting themes in the podcast:

  • 02:20 definition of Collective Basketball.
  • 04:47 team building and recruitment.
  • 13:45 the mindset and work rate of the players.
  • 17:03 habits and concepts.
  • 24:05 training in collective basketball.
  • 27:55 reverse engineering offense.
  • 32:10 Decision Making Cycle.
  • 36:46 definition of shot selection.
  • 39:45 Teams to watch and follow.
  • 41:05 Trends and different ways of playing in the Bundesliga.