Training should always focus on a game development. Training develops player’s ability to play or cooperation between players. According to the Finnish Basketball Association, each coach should focus on four things when planning / analyzing his or her own training sessions:

  1. ACTIVITY: How many repetitions? What is the intensity level?
  2. COACH PRESENCE: Giving feedback, correcting mistakes, demanding level etc.
  3. LOGIC: Does the exercise proceed logically? Is there a clear idea from the exercises?
  4. LEARNING: What do players learn from a single exercise or throughout an training session?

Before you can start planning your training sessions, you need to know what things you want to happen in your game. For example, in an offensive game in offense zone, training can focus on developing cooperation between players like the three-player rotation in the corner:

Example of offense game in offense Zone.

Once you know what you want to see in the game, the next step is to find the right exercises and create logical training session. Example in offense game in offense zone it could look like this:

More examples of the structure of a single training session can be found on the Complex Floorbal Blog:

A complex training session for kids – Perttu Kytöhonka

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